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 Level design

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PostSubject: Level design   Tue 19 Oct 2010, 7:25 pm

This is for anyone that wants to design the levels for the game. the levels are stored in a level pack in the game directory, and each pack can hold 30 levels
and there is 3 different sizes
size 1: easy
size 2: Medium
size 3: Hard

mediafire.com ?sp9b6aauj60b8b7

how to play the game.
You just have to get the ball to the end box of the level. moving blocks out of your way. but watch out, some blocks need to be clicked a certain way.

Upload your levels and post them here. and the best ones will become part of the final release with credit.

heres a sample pack:
mediafire.com ?qk6fbq2ttxcuz2d


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Level design
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